2020 December Virtual Project Meeting

The project meeting website is here: https://indico.mwatelescope.org/event/4/

This page will contain internal information.

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WYITHE, StuartWelcome by MWA Board Chair
JOHNSTON-HOLLITT, MelanieMWA Director's Report
PRATLEY, LukePrincipal Scientist's Update
CROSSE, BrianEngineering Developments
WALKER, MiaMWA’s final form: Preparing for Phase 3
SLEAP, GregArchive Update
BARLOW, HarrisonUpdating the MWA ASVO
MCPHAIL, AndrewSite Update: What it’s like to travel to the MWA?
GIERSCH, PhillipMaintaining the MWA (vid1) (vid2)
JOHNSTON-HOLLITT, MelanieWrap-up: 9 years of the MWA


Please share your photos from the meeting here (smile)