About This Wiki

The MWA Telescope wiki is a public resource for researchers interested in accessing and working with the MWA. 

Who can view this wiki?

Most of this wiki is open to everyone without the need to log in, however there may be some areas of the wiki which are only visible to MWA Collaboration Members who have logged in.

Who can contribute to this wiki?

Only logged in users can add or edit pages in this wiki. This effectively means that contributions are limited to MWA Collaboration Members only.

How to contribute to this wiki?

  • After logging in, navigate the page tree on the left to the page you wish to change, then click 'Edit' on the top-right menu of that page. After making your changes, hit 'Save' on the bottom-right of the page.

  • To make a new page, navigate to its parent page, then click 'Create' at the top menu bar, then 'Blank page'. 

  • To make a page private to MWA collaboration members, click the three dots at the top-right of your page, then 'Restrictions' from the drop-down menu. Click 'No restrictions' and change it to 'Viewing and editing restricted' from the drop-down menu. Type 'MWA Members' in the user name bar, select the group, then click Add. Click Apply to save the changes. 

  • Note that child pages automatically inherit the same permissions as its parent page. So if you had a parent page called 'meeting minutes' then a number of child pages for separate meetings, you could make all the minutes private by restricting just the parent page (instead of manually restricting every child page).

Getting Help!