2022 July Hybrid Project Meeting

The project meeting website is here: https://indico.mwatelescope.org/event/8/

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Title and PDF

EDWARDS, PhilWelcome by MWA Board Chair
TINGAY, StevenMWA Director's Update
RISELEY, ChristopherPrincipal Scientist's Update
BARRY, NicholeEoR Analysis Bonanza
STAR, PyxieUncovering the detailed antenna bandpass using MWAX
KRIELE, Mike(Multi-system) Spherical Harmonic Transit Interferometry
BELL, ScottMWA Signal Path Animation
ITO, TakumiForeground Removal with Gaussian Process Regression
BHAT, RameshScience update: Pulsars and Fast Transients
ZHANG, ZhongliThe discovery of new VCS pulsars in dense stellar environments
SWAINSTON, Nicholaspulsar_spectra: an open source flux density catalogue and pulsar spectra fitting software
MCSWEENEY, SamSMART discovery of an unusual nulling, sub-pulse drifting pulsar
LEE, ChristopherSpectral evolution of pulsar radio emission using SKA-Low precursor stations
KAUR, Dilpreet - Science Highlight TalkDetection of frequency-dependent dispersion measures toward PSR J2241-5236 from contemporaneous wide-band observations
MORALES, MiguelPrecision Map of Diffuse Galactic Emission Across the Southern Galactic Cap
ROSS, Kathryn (Kat)Using low frequency variability to find frustrated AGN
WAYTH, RandallPrincipal Engineer's Update
NULL, DevThe Dragons of Direction Dependent Calibration
BARLOW, HarrisonMWA-ASVO Update
SLEAP, GregData Archive and Retention (Policy V2)
SLEAP, Greg‘Adapting to a post-limitless archive’ Discussion Block
TINGAY, StevenWrap-up

There were 85 registered participants for the meeting. 

Prize Winners

Judged by Principal Scientist Chris Riseley.

Best talk: Kat Ross. Kat's work on spectral variability really showcases one of the key strengths of the MWA, namely the massive fractional bandwidth over such a large FoV, and the continued evolution of this project over the course of her PhD has been really great to witness. The synergy of MWA, ATCA and LBA follow-up is allowing her to finally answer such a long-standing question about the nature of these peaked-spectrum sources, and it's great to see this work presented in such a clear and engaging manner by a speaker who is very clearly enthused about the work and has a deep level of understanding.

Honourable mention: Nick Swainston and Mike Kriele both deserve mentions for their talks. Both the pulsar_spectra module that Nick presented and the all-sky diffuse mapping using EDA + LOFAR-LBA presented by Mike are really neat things in and of themselves, as well as providing a valuable resource to the community -- particularly given the ramping up of SMART, and the recent advancements made by the EoR group. Nichole's talk really emphasised the need for as good a model of the Galaxy as we can get, and Mike's talk bodes well in that regard.


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