2020 July Virtual Project Meeting

The project meeting website is here: https://indico.mwatelescope.org/event/2/

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WYITHE, StuartWelcome by MWA Board Chair
MWA Director's Report
BEARDSLEY, AdamPrincipal Scientist's Update
TROTT, CathrynMulti-redshift upper limits on the signal from the Epoch of Reionisation
using the Murchison Widefield Array
BYRNE, RubyA Unified Calibration Framework for 21 cm Cosmology
CHOKSHI, AmanMeasuring MWA Beam Shapes Using Satellites
LINE, JackWODEN: An MWA specific GPU simulation code
OBEROI, DivyaSHI Update
MORGAN, JohnThe MWA IPS Phase-II Survey
MONDAL, SurajitFirst radio evidence for impulsive heating of the quiet solar corona
MONDAL, SurajitProbing fine spatial, temporal and spectral structures of the Sun
KANSABANIK, DevojyotiSolar flux density calibration with in-field sources for MWA solar
TREMBLAY, ChenoaGEG Update
DUCHESNE, StefanAn MWA Phase II follow up of diffuse, non-thermal radio emission in
galaxy clusters
QUICI, BenjaminDying radio galaxies as seen by MWA, ASKAP and ATCA
MCKINLEY, BenjaminCentaurus A like you have never seen it before
RISELEY, ChristopherAll-sky results from the POlarised GLEAM Survey (POGS)
WHITE, SarahAn update on the GLEAM 4-Jy (G4Jy) Sample
ROSS, KathrynUnexpected Spectral Variability at Low Frequencies
SLEAP, GregMWA data life cycle and future plans
WALKER, MiaPhase III Overview
CROSSE, BrianMWAX - New MWA correlator update and capabilities
MCPHAIL, AndrewSite Activity Update
WILLIAMS, AndrewGetting the MWA to produce the data you want
SOKOLOWSKI, MarcinCalibration database for the MWA ASVO
HANCOCK, PaulTransients Update
WILLIAMSON, AlexanderLooking for cosmic rays with the MWA at 15ns time resolution
XU, ZhijunIntroduction of SHAO Transient Pipeline (STEP)
BHAT, RameshVCS science update
MCSWEENEY, SamFrequency-dependent polarisation in high time resolution studies of PSR
B0031-07's single pulses
KAUR, DilpreetDispersion measure investigation towards millisecond pulsars with the
ZHANG, ZhongliMWA-VCS pulsar search and beamforming on CSKAP


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MWAjuly2020.jpg Caption: Some of the MWA Operations and Management Team at the MWA Project Meeting. Left to right: Phil Giersch (MWA Electronics Technician), Brian Crosse (Correlator Architect), Greg Sleap (MWA Data Manager), Mia Walker (MWA Program Manager), Prof. Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (MWA Director), Dr Andrew Williams (MWA Monitoring & Control Engineer), Jake Jones (CIRA Engineer; designer of many MWA systems), Rike McLernon (MWA Administrative Officer), A/Prof. Randall Wayth (Principal Engineer), Dave Emrich (MWA Hardware Manager). Not shown: Dr Luke Pratley (Principal Scientist), Andy McPhail (Fieldwork and Operations Coordinator), Harrison Barlow (MWA-ASVO Developer).